Meeting Minutes 2020


The meeting was held by Zoom.  We discussed the following topics:

·      Boat – The boat is being moved from its current location on the corner of Ventnor and Nashville Avenues to the corner of Weymouth and Ventnor Avenues.  John Battista, the owner of North Beach Café and Creamery, owns the land for the Carisbrooke Inn parking lot and has agreed that the boat can be there.  Ventnor Public Works will move it and hopefully we can keep the current plantings and dirt.  It needs some work to the wood trim and we are going to see if we can find someone to repair.

·      Banners – We will need about 20 banners going forward.  Rich C and Rich G have obtained quotes.  Paul Steinberg said that he should be able to get them done at a competitive price, and we will give him dimensions.   We also need some new hardware.

·      Merchandise – Paul Steinberg designed an order form that we will distribute for merchandise sales.  Ideas include doing a neighborhood walk-around handout, placing them at the hi-rise desks, putting them on the facebook page and distributing via our email list.  One suggestion was to print on color paper so if it is placed with other handouts, it will stand out.

·      Masks – We discussed NB masks.  Brenda at Makt Arts can do them for about $5 each.  Paul Steinberg thinks he can do them for a lower price.  Several people said they would buy multiples and give them out, including at local condo buildings.

·      Membership – We are doing a membership drive starting now for 2021.  Membership is $25 per household.  Anyone who joins now will be a member though 12/31/21.  There are not likely to be any events in the spring or summer, so this is a fundraising must.  Urging everyone to become a member is very important.  Suggestion was made to have buildings be members.

·      50/50 – Stacey brought up an idea to have a virtual 50/50.  She will look into it and see what the cost is to have a virtual 50/50 company do it for us.  Even if they charge a fee, it is worth doing to raise some funds.

·      We have two realtors that have set North Beach sections up on their websites.  Linda Magarick, of Bershire Hathaway, who attended the meeting, talked about the surge of interest in our area, especially from NY and North Jersey buyers.  Her website,, will link to ours, and we will set up for our website to link to hers.  Emily Marchese of Keller Williams, is sending a North Beach eal estate email to her mailing list and is setting something up on her website,  We will do similar links.

·      Flags – We need to encourage all North Beach residents to purchase and hang flags.

·      Sober living homes – We discussed the sober living home situation briefly at the end of the meeting.  There are no new developments.  Stacey will continue to discuss working collaboratively with Jennifer Hansen and try to reach other sober group living home owners to work together and support one another to balance the need for communities to welcome sober group living homes with the need for sober home to co-exist within residential neighborhoods. 

Next meeting is December 12 via Zoom


This meeting was held by Zoom. Detailed notes to follow.

Requests were made for contact information for our local legislative representatives.  

Chris Brown, State Senator

Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo

Assemblyman John Armato


This meeting was held by telephone conference.  The following items were discussed:

  • Meet & Greet scheduled for 5/30/2020 at the new Howell’s at 5000 Boardwalk. Tickets are $25 plus additional $5 for the Scholarship Fund.  Tickets are available online now.  Discount for North Beach members.  Brett DeNafo, the owner of the soon-to-be-open movie theater, is our guest speaker
  • North Beach Café and Creamery is opening soon. This was formerly Mentos and the café at Vassar Square, owned by John and Agnes.  Ice cream, water ice, breakfast and lunch.  Possible light dinner.
  • All North Beach events are listed on our website
  • We discussed using the website and otherwise promoting our merchandise. Paul Steinberg suggested being able to take credit cards directly which will help in block parties, outdoor events, etc. He volunteered to look into the best program for us and added that the fee taken by providers is no different from what Paypal charges us to go through their system for payment.
  • There was also a suggestion about linking the website to others, such as the Ventnor City website and offering merchandise on our Facebook page. Stacey mentioned that the Facebook page has almost 900 followers and that the website is getting a good amount of activity.
  • It was decided to participate in the Ventnor City block party scheduled for May 9. A suggestion was made to offer free giveaways, such as oval stickers. Paul Steinberg offered to look into possibilities.
  • The group is excited for the opening of the movie theater. There was a discussion about live events and the restaurant.  Stacey remarked that she had recently been to the Stone Harbor theater (same owners) for a great live event.  All hope we can do this in Ventnor.  Some had questions about the restaurant and what it would look like,
  • An excellent discussion ensued about the idea of a North Beach merchant directory or possibly a business association. Everyone was in favor of creating a directory to begin.  We need to organize people to create certain lists; storefronts, professional services, home services, etc.  We will ask for people to do this.  We believe that the Ventnor Business Association is essentially disbanded.  Stacey agreed to call them and see how/if we can coordinate efforts.
  • The pocket park construction has started. Joel Horowitz agreed to find out schedule information from Paula Deluca.  We will be purchasing a North Beach bench at a cost of $3000+/-.  We have about $2,200 committed from the last meeting and will reach out as it gets closer to see if we can have a full monetary commitment from North Beach residents.  We will not be using any North Beach Association funds. We still do not know all of the rules governing the park and will update as we find out.
  • Membership is $25 per household per year and will renew June 1.
  • Our scholarship student just received his first $1,000 check toward tuition and will be entitle again in the fall if he goes back to ACCC. We already have the $2,000 for next year’s student by donation from an anonymous donor.  One person questioned whether we could include trade schools as a possible school entitling a student to a scholarship and we decided to bring that up again at a future date.
  • ACHS crew team cards are available through Ann Ianelli. She can be reached at 609-634-1379.  The cards are $10 and entitle you to discounts at many different local venues.
  • Everyone is very interested in having future meetings available for people to call in or video conference. We will do what we can to set that up in the future, as it is valuable for everyone.  Possible to use Zoom or


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