North Beach FAQ                               

What is North Beach?

North Beach is the section of Ventnor that runs from Jackson Avenue (Atlantic City border) to the North side of Surrey Avenue, from the beach to the bay.

Why does this part of town need a different name?

Ventnor has different names for different sections of the city.  There’s Ventnor Heights, Ventnor West, Ventnor Gardens and St. Leonard’s Tract.  North Beach is just one of the sections of Ventnor.

Why are you trying to separate North Beach from the rest of Ventnor?

We’re not!  Actually, we’re trying to do just the opposite.  Some history:

In 2001 the City Commission approved a plan which designated this part of Ventnor as “The Redevelopment Zone.”  The City’s plan was to use eminent domain laws to acquire houses and other buildings which would then be knocked down with new buildings built in their place.  During the years that plan was being developed very little was put into maintaining this section of Ventnor either by the City or by some of the residents.  Ultimately the plan was never implemented and in 2008 the City Commission ruled to prohibit the use of eminent domain in Ventnor for private gain.

Now that all of that is history we are re-joining the rest of Ventnor.  We’re working to bring pride and beauty back to our neighborhood and ultimately make it better than it ever was before.

What is the North Beach Ventnor Residents’ Committee?

It’s residents of North Beach who joined together to work on enhancing our area.  The committee is open to all residents of North Beach.  It doesn’t cost anything to join.  All you have to do is bring a positive attitude and be willing to work to make North Beach an even better place.  We have monthly meetings and ongoing projects throughout the year.  Check the home page of our website for meeting dates and location.

Where did the name “North Beach” come from?

One of our committee members thought of it and everyone else liked it.

What has the North Beach Committee accomplished so far?

·         In the Summer of 2009 we put up hanging flowers on Ventnor and Atlantic Avenues to add more color and beauty to the area.

·     In the Summer of 2010 we put up the colorful North Beach banners along Ventnor and Atlantic Avenues.  They are up every year May - October.

·         We sell North Beach Sweatshirts (zip-ups and hoodies), T-Shirts, hats, flags and tote bags - with the same colorful logo as the banners - to raise money for upcoming projects.

·         We arranged for a Ventnor lifeguard boat to be placed at the corner of Ventnor & Nashville Avenues.  We plant and maintain the beautiful flowers in the boat.

·         In May, 2011 we held our first “Meet & Greet” at the Carisbrooke Inn in North Beach.  Over 100 neighbors got together for food, wine, local artists and a guest speaker.  We have held this event every year since then.

·         In July, 2011 we held our first North Beach “Porch Party” on the porches of several homes along South Marion Ave.  We have held this event every year since then.

·         We have the “North Beach Pickup Patrol” where several times a year members of our Committee walk up and down every street in North Beach picking up trash.  It’s not “our trash” but we do it anyway because we want to enhance the look of this area.  A few Committee members also periodically patrol the boardwalk and dunes for trash.

·       We’ve put North Beach “on the map.”  The people who run Ventnor - from City Hall to Public Works to Code Enforcement to the Police and Fire Departments, our friends and neighbors and the local press all know North Beach and our Committee.

We participate every year in the Ventnor Holiday Parade and have an annual holiday luncheon in December.

Does the North Beach Committee get any money from the City?

No.  We get a lot of help from the City but no money.  Our projects have been funded by donations from residents and merchants in North Beach.

How can I contact the North Beach Committee?


1.    By email:

2.    Website:

3.    Facebook:

4.    Come to one of our monthly meetings.  Check our website for dates and location.


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